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10 things to do with kids at the Disneyland Resort before Jan 11 2016

10 things you must do with kids at Disneyland before January 11

Beginning on January 11, 2016, big changes will begin at the Disneyland Resort. In the past, Disneyland has hosted the “Year of a Million Dreams,” and 2016 (in my opinion) will be the “Year of a Lot of Closures.” Refurbishments are normal and necessary for Disneyland and Disney California Adventure to remain safe and visually […]


Get Curious at Discovery Cube Los Angeles

The Curious George exhibit is back at Discovery Cube Los Angeles. This fantastic exhibit is geared toward kiddos ages 5 and younger and provides ample opportunities to “be curious” just like everyone’s favorite monkey! I recently had a mommy-son afternoon with my youngest son and he had a blast! Here are Connor’s favorite things to […]

How to make Disneyland pumpkin cheesecake at home

Disneyland Pumpkin Cheesecake Recipe and Video Tutorial

  If you have tried the pumpkin cheesecake at Disneyland and Disney California Adventure, you know it is full of amazing pumpkin-y goodness. Thanks to our good friends at the Disneyland Resort, we have the recipe, video and step-by-step tutorial so that you can make the very same pumpkin cheesecake served at the Jolly Holiday […]


My Little Dreamer Quiz by Disney

Over the last month, I have written a lot about Disney dreamers–kid dreamers, dreamers who think outside the box and a dreamer who brings dreams to the silver screen. Kids are the biggest dreamers among us, and as parents, we can help them find ways to undertand and work toward their dreams. In celebration of […]

Mickey's Halloween Party at Disneyland 2015

Our Mickey’s Halloween Party Experience – 2015

This year my family and I attended the first night of Mickey’s Halloween Party. As always, we had a total blast! This was our fourth (or maybe fifth or sixth, I’ve lost count) year going, and we really seem to have things down to a science now. Here’s how we “do” Mickey’s Halloween party. We got our priorities […]

5 Favorite Beat the Heat Disneyland Treats

5 Disneyland Treats to Beat the Heat

On a hot Disneyland day, what treats do you indulge in to cool off?  There is going to be a lot of debate regarding this post because there are so many delicious cool treats at the Disneyland Resort.  I’ve tried to narrow down some of my favorites that I seem to return to over and over […]

Everything you need for a Walt Disney Halloween costume

Everything You Need for a Walt Disney Halloween Costume

For Mickey’s Halloween Party, my oldest son (now 10), decided to dress like Walt Disney. Because he graduating from fifth grade this year, I was all about this costume because it meant I would be purchasing him “dress-up” clothes that he could wear for his graduation at the end of the school year. Being in […]

Four Cherished Aladdin Memories

Four Cherished Aladdin Memories

Aladdin originally came out in theaters in November 1992. I was 18 and began my job at Disneyland seven months later. Since then, I have had a lot of incredible memories that have to do with the movie. Here are my favorites. Aladdin’s Royal Caravan I grew up in Orange County close enough to Disneyland […]

CHOC Walk in the Park Ambassador's Luau

CHOC Walk Weekend at the Disneyland Resort – Family, fun and a wonderful cause

On October 11th, 2015, 15,000 people poured into The Disneyland Resort to participate in the 25th annual CHOC Walk in the Park.  This one-of-a-kind 5k event takes participants through the Disneyland Resort in the wee hours of the morning to express gratitude to the wonderful care that CHOC has provided many of these families. In anticipation and celebration of the […]

Brad Bird answers questions about Tomorrowland

Tomorrowland Questions Answered By Brad Bird

Recently, I had the opportunity to interview Tomorrowland director at a special media event for the movie’s home video release. We talked about his career and the movie itself. Much like the characters in Tomorrowland, Bird is a dreamer. He had a dream for his career and a dream for Tomorrowland. Question: You started doing creative this […]

Disneyland Halloween Time Merchandise Must Haves

Disneyland Halloween Time Merchandise Must-Haves

It’s Halloween Time at Disneyland and while for many it’s time to ride Haunted Mansion Holiday, for some of us it’s time to SHOP! Recently, I interviewed Disneyland merchandise spokesperson, Ashley, about some of the great new (and returning) Halloween merchandise available at the Disneyland Resort right now. As you can see, there are a […]

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