Terrific Tip Tuesday: Keeping Your Batteries Charged

Spending time at the Disneyland Resort can be exciting, exhilarating, fun and a bit exhausting. With the little ones eager to get in line for the next ride as soon as getting off another, there is often not enough time to stop and recharge your batteries. The best way that I know to do just that is to visit Market House on Main Street for a freshly brewed Starbucks. With a day’s supply of caffeine at your finger tips, there’s no way to lose power — right? Wrong. 

Let’s be honest, we’ve all forgotten our battery chargers at some point. Whether it’s at home, left in an airport outlet or stuck in a bag that mistakenly stayed in your friend’s car, disconnecting from a power cord is not a difficult task. Being on vacation without one’s phone, laptop, walkie talkie, DVD player or PSP charger can be miserable — for everyone in the family. Mom’s phone could die, leaving Dad to search all of Fantasyland for her and the little ones after buying churros, or little Chris may have to sit and wait for the next parade for 45 minutes without being able to battle the bad guys in his newest PSP game. 

Have no fear, powerless parents, Main St. Lockers are here! Located halfway down Main Street in Disneyland (right next to Market House) on the right hand side, the Main St. Lockers offer locker rentals for holding personal items during your day’s visit to Disneyland — as well as a selection of charging lockers. 

There are two kinds of charging lockers available — ones with chargers (for BlackBerry, Android and iPhone 4S and below) and ones with outlets. If you’ve forgotten your charging cord, you’ll need to rent the lockers with cords. If you have your phone charger, or are charging an electronic device that does not fit the provided cords, you’ll need to rent a locker with the outlet and provide your own cord. Each charging locker costs $2 per hour. This is an important detail to stress, as many guests often forget that the fee is per hour and are surprised by the total at the end of the day. 

Terrific Tip: Don’t check your electronic device too soon. If you aren’t sure how long your device needs to charge, leave it in for at least an hour. Since the lockers do not allow in and out privileges, checking a device too soon will terminate the rental and waste money. The lockers only require $2 at the start of the rental, so you can pay the overage when you return. This eliminates having to guess how long you’ll need. If you anticipate your device needing a longer charging time, enjoy some time in the park and check back later. The lockers keep your phone secure while charging, and even allow a bit of extra space for camera bags or other items. I also suggest writing your custom made lock combination on the receipt with your locker number and place it in a secure place. With all the fun you’ll have, it’s easy to forget where your locker is or the number that will open it.

After picking up your freshly charged phone, stop by the newly renovated Market House (which is now a Starbucks that serves Disney treats) and grab a coffee for a freshly charged you! Click here to learn more about Disneyland’s Starbucks! 

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