Fun Fact Friday: Indiana Jones Adventure + print your own decoder card!

When it comes to one of the things Disney does best, right at the top of my list is the themed attractions. From the themed queue (line) to the attraction itself to the exit. The very best attractions tell a unified story from beginning to end, and a great example of this is the Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Forbidden Eye. 

Imagineers call the queue for an attraction “Act I” of the story. This is where the stage is set and the story begins to be told. The Disneyland Encyclopedia says, “At over a quarter-mile long, this would be the longest, and most densely detailed, queue in Disneyland history.”

From the moment you cross the entry (under the sign) of the Indiana Jones Adventure and enter the attraction’s environment you are immersed in the story of an ancient temple, recently found by Indiana Jones—who has now disappeared. The overgrown foliage, stuttering generator, strange markings throughout the temple, strange noises, and more all tell the story. There are even some hidden surprises—many of which get completely bypassed now thanks to FASTPASS.

Here are 3 “fun facts” about the Indiana Jones Adventure queue that you may not know:
  1. The back of the projector room contains a tribute to what previously sat in this location: the Eeyore section of the parking lot. It’s virtually impossible to see unaided, but try asking a Cast Member by the projector screen to shine a flashlight for you.
  2. The exit queue has two props from the movies. The truck was used in Raiders of the Lost Ark (in the desert chase scene) and the ore car just to the left of the interior exit was used in Temple of Doom.
  3. From when the attraction opened in 1995 until 2002, guests were given decoder cards for the hieroglyphic-like “maraglyphs” throughout the queue, warning visitors of the rewards and “dangers” they will face. They haven’t been distributed since–though I still have one–but you might still be able to translate them: most of the characters resemble their English counterparts (except for the “i”, which looks like an eye). Try it next time!
It’s seen better days, but this is the decoder card that I still have! You can print this out and discover the secrets
of the temple on your next visit!
For you to discover: There are at least four “hidden Mickeys” in the queue. One is on a Life magazine in Dr. Indiana Jones’ office (just past the projector room), which is now bypassed. Where are the others?


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