Mix Your Own Avengers Video on YouTube

With the upcoming release of Marvel’s The Avengers on May 4th, the excitement may be too much to bear. So, we’re taking a special break from Princess Week to make this special announcement. Thanks to a new creation from Disney Interactive and Marvel, you can now assemble your own action-packed video using video and music remixes from the movie. With a few clicks of the mouth, Avengers fans can create a custom video using the innovative video mixing tool — which features official movie clips from the film and songs from Avengers Assemble, a compilation of music from and inspired by the film. Fans can also access HD video clips from the movie; tools for trimming and rendering edits; special effects and transitions; and four songs from the Marvel Music/Hollywood Records’ Avengers Assemble album, including: Soundgarden’s “Live to Rise,” “Into the Blue” from Bush, “Shake the Ground” from Cherri Bomb (Hollywood Records) and Redlight King’s “Comeback” (Hollywood Records). 
To create your own Avengers Remix,  visit YouTube.com/AvengersRemix and follow the instructions for choosing clips and songs and using the edit tools.  After your video is published, you’ll be able to post and share your unique link anywhere you choose, as well as post your creations to the main gallery for others to enjoy. You may even get the chance to see your video featured on a special Marvel channel on Disney’s new network on YouTube!

For more information on Marvel’s The Avengers and for a chance to win a fan prize pack, check out Lisa’s post here.

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