Get close to Walt Disney this weekend at Walt’s Barn in Los Angeles

Every third Sunday of the month, Walt Disney’s Barn Museum, the original Santa Fe & Disneyland Combine Coach, and Ollie Johnston’s Victorian Train Depot, are open for public visiting from 11 am to 3 pm. Located in Los Angeles’s Griffith Park, it is conveniently located right off the 5 freeway and close to many other popular So Cal tourist attractions.

Walt’s Barn is the actual barn from his old backyard and is operated by the nonprofit Carolwood Foundation. On days it is open to the public, volunteer Barn Crew members are on hand to describe the history and contents, which include actual artifacts from his estate, pieces of the Carolwood Pacific Railroad, and items from the planning and development of Disneyland. Often, Disney veterans and Legends drop by for chats and autographs. 

Parking and admission are free, although a small donation is appreciated. If you have children, I encourage you to head next door to L.A. Live Steamers and/or to Travel Town to extend the locomotive-themed fun! I recommend visiting before it gets into the hot summer months!

Click here for directions to Walt’s Barn and more information.


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