Restaurant Review: Paradise Garden Grill

Leave it to the chefs at the Disneyland Resort to take theme park dining to a whole new level.  Last week, I had a chance to sample the entrees served at Disney California Adventure park’s new Paradise Garden Grill restaurant.  Chef de Cuisine Jay Garcia and the concept chefs at the resort have gone outside the theme park box and have brought together a Mediterranean-inspired menu that provides guests with healthy, delicious dining options.

Below is the menu for Paradise Garden Grill.  As you can see, the menu is based upon building your own Mediterranean skewer meal.
I was able to sample a little of each skewer, the rice, and the sauces.  There wasn’t a bad entree in the bunch.  The rice is delicious–very flavorful and full of texture.

The beef keftka is a little on the spicy side and wonderful with the tzatiki sauce.  This was my favorite skewer.
The vegetable and tofu skewer plate is a flavorful option vegetarians.

As indicated on the menu above, there are four sauce options.  My favorites are the green chimichurri and the white tzatziki.  The green chimichurri has a great depth of flavor and the tzatziki is a yogurt-based sauce that is a good option for those who may not love spicy food and want to tone down the deep flavors of the Mediterranean dishes.  The red sauce above is a tomato-based Moroccan chili.  I didn’t like this or the tandoori-spiced sauce as much as the others.
The steak and chicken plates are great.  The meat is flavorful and juicy.

The kids’ meals provide a departure from the normal nuggets and such sold throughout the resort.

The beef kabob is a lightly seasoned meatball.  It not an
Italian meatball; it is seasoned with salt and pepper.  It
is served with rice, marinara sauce and apple slices.

Disney thought of everything and made sure to
develop a skewer that kids couldn’t poke
themselves with!
Paradise Garden Grill is a takeaway restaurant–similar to Cocina Cucamonga or the Village Haus. There is plenty of outdoor seating in the newly designed seating area complete with live musical entertainment. 

Did you know there’s an entire back story behind the new Paradise Pier dining complex?  Click here to read all about it!

Thanks to the Disneyland Resort for providing me the opportunity to sample the delicious food at Paradise Garden Grill.  Please see my disclaimer.


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    Wow! Great photos! I’m not sure I would have tried any of these things on my own, but your photos make it look so good! Thanks!

  2. says

    I am new to your Blog, but I really enjoed this entry.

    After reading this I wanted to try it for myself. You were right: the food is great, but the tandoori sauce leaves somehting to be desired.

    I look forawrd to more disney food reviews!

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