Disney Blog Hop Day – It’s all about family.

Hurray! It’s Disney Blog Hop Day!  If this is your first Disney Blog Hop, I would like to welcome you to the family.  And let me tell you, this blog hop has really turned into a family of sorts.  I started the Disney Blog Hop early this year as a way for Disney bloggers to connect, interact, and learn from one another and it has really taken off.  I’ve met a lot of great bloggers because of the blog hop and love seeing new blogs pop up on the Linky every week.  Please leave a comment on why you participate in the Disney Blog Hop in the comments section after you link up this week.

If you hadn’t already guessed, this week’s theme is “family.”  Whether you blog about Disneyland, Disney animation, Walt Disney World, or anything else Disney related, you are keenly aware of the fact that Disney as a company and Disney as a way of life is all about family.  I am looking forward to your stories and/or pictures of Disney and family.  Below is a picture of my family taken last week at Disneyland.

And speaking of family, please stop by and read my article on Disney Parks and Resorts chairman, Tom Staggs, who as a father of two and innovative leader has clearly shown his commitment to communicating with family-oriented media.  

Now on to the blog hop:
•   This blog hop is for ALL Disney-related blogs, whether you blog about the parks, animation, a specific character, Disney corporate, etc.  If you are a blogger who covers Disney, feel free to enter, but be sure to enter a URL that directly sends readers to your Disney-taged posts.  

•   Enter your blog below.

•   Check out the other blogs and follow them through Google Friend Connect, on Facebook, etc.  Just let ’em know you checked them out and like what they are doing.  We all like to know we have new readers.  I see you do it on other blogs, so make sure you let me know too!

•   Welcome new readers to your blog!  Each week we do something a little bit different.  YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PARTICIPATE IN THE WEEKLY THEME/POST TO PARTICIPATE.   This week’s theme is Disney firsts.  (To find out about the Disney Blog Hop themes before hop day Thursday, stop by the Disney Blog Hop discussion over on the Babes In Disneyland Facebook page.)

•   Also optional, please consider posting the Disney Blog Hop button on your blog or web site so that we can spread the word.  It would also be great if you wouldn’t mind tweeting about the blog hop so that more Disney blogs with participate.  The more bloggers who find out about the hop, the more new readers you’ll have linking over to read all about you.

***Also, I am partnering with Huggies and Pull-Ups to offer a lucky Babes In Disneyland reader a $100 Target gift card and one-month’s supply of diapers.  Click here to find out how you can win!***


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    Thanks so much Lisa for the Disney Blog Hop. I’m glad to have the opportunity to participate each week.

    I like to join in because it’s a place where I feel comfortable with my Disney obsession. I love the camaraderie I feel with the other Disney bloggers…and I love getting glimpses into Disney parks that I’ve not yet been able to experience. I truly enjoy being here…just readin’ and writin’.

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    You have such a cute family, Lisa. I’m looking forward to reading your article with Tom Staggs. Thanks so much for hosting!

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    I LOVE the blog hop! I’ve found so many other great Disney blogs doing it, and hopefully others feel the same about us!

    It’s always great to see others’ work, and you can never have too many blogs to read 😉

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    Thanks for welcoming us to your Disney family and sharing the Disney Magic with us. We love the blog hop and everything you do for the Disney community. You are welcome back to our Podcast anytime.

    We are looking forward to reading the post with Tom Staggs.

    Al and Joyce

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    Wow, can’t wait to read the Tom Staggs interview! I LOVED watching him interact with Darth Vader during the picture taking session after the opening of Star Tours. It was a moment where you could just tell this guy is an awesome dad! It really left an impression on me!

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